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Norfolk (old) County, Massachusetts Genealogy

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*'''[[Dover, New Hampshire|Dover]]''' now in [[Strafford County, New Hampshire]] including the present-day towns of Dover (or Cocheco), [[Durham, New Hampshire|Durham]], [[Lee, New Hampshire|Lee]], [[Madbury, New Hampshire|Madbury]], [[Rollinsford, New Hampshire|Rollinsford]], and [[Somersworth, New Hampshire|Somersworth]]
'''Discontinued.''' Old Norfolk County was for most purposes discontinued 22 January 1679/1680 when the Province of [[New Hampshire]] was formed. The northern four towns were transferred to New Hampshire. The towns of Haverhill and Salisbury were added to [[Essex County, Massachusetts]] for court purposes. But officials permitted deeds to be added to the old Norfolk (old) County records as late as 1714 from all parts of the old county.<ref>"Old Norfolk County Records," 20.</ref>
'''Records.''' Land deeds 1639-1714 of the old Norfolk County and her towns are housed at the Essex County Registry of Deeds in Salem, Massachusetts. These records were partially abstracted and published in:
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