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15 Minutes of Family History

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'''West Virginia Vital Records Online:''' [] This database is incomplete but contains many birth, marriage, and death records for West Virginia, from the 1700s-1970s. (West Virginia was Virginia prior to 1863).
'''Immigration Records:''' Before Ellis Island there was Search [ Castle Garden]. To to locate 11 million immigrants who arrived in New York between 18301820-1892, search this database. In 1892, Search [ Ellis Island] opened, and all to locate over 20 million immigrants arriving in New York were filtered through this locationbetween 1892-1924. FREE SEARCHThese are free searches, NO SUBSCRIPTION REQUIRED<br>no subscrition needed for Ellis Island / Port of New York Records.
'''Military Records and More: '''[] Once an ancestor’s regiment number and company number are known, service records may be ordered. Many ancestors also applied for a pension. Order these online from the National Archives. You are not charged if they do not find anything. Click ‘Proceed to Order Online,’ then click ‘New User.’ After registering, repeat the previous steps, and log in. Click ‘Made-to-Order Reproductions.’ Select a military service record or Union pension record for order, fill out the order form, and watch your mailbox for the records to arrive! You may also order immigration, naturalization, homestead files, and Native American records following these instructions. Call 1-86-NARA-NARA for help.
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