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15 Minutes of Family History

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This page contains free online databases and quick family history research resources.
*[ Early LDS Latter-day Saint Ancestors] - This site allows the user to locate information on early LDS ancestorsmembers of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.{| style="float:right; |- |{{MormonLDSRemoval}} |}
*[ Pioneer Ancestors Coming Across the Plains] - Click on “Mormon Pioneer Overland Travel.”
*[ Ordering a Patriarchal Blessing] - Descendants Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints may orderfor their ancestors
*[ Photos, Journals, Sound Recordings, and Letters from Early Church Members] - Click on “Resources Available,” then search the “Church Archives Catalog” to see what exists. Surname, First Name. Author search for journals and letters. Subject search for Photos, oral histories, etc. Visit or write for copies of items of interest. PH & CR = Photos; OH = Oral Histories; AV = AudioVisual; MS = Manuscripts, journals, letters.
*[ Locate Civil War Soldier] - Click on “Soldiers” and search by '''name''' and '''state'''(if known) for an ancestor who would have been age 16-50 between 1860-1865. Once the regiment/company are known, additional records may be easily located. If you know if they were in a prison, click on “Prisoners.” If they were Union, search Andersonville, if Confederate, search Fort McHenry. If you don’t know, search both. See '''Military Records and More''' below.
*[ Utah Digital Newspapers]. New papers are added every day. Search for an ancestor’s name in the search box under all newspapers first, then narrow the search if the results are too great.
*[ Illinois Records Online] - Locate and search the desired database. This includes military records, birth, marriage, and death records, and various other databases listed by the hosting University.
[ Arizona Genealogy Birth and Death Certificates]. Arizona Birth Records starting in 1855 and that occurred at least 75 years ago can be searched. Arizona Death Records starting in 1844 that occured at least 50 years ago can be searched. Unofficial Certificates can be view online and downloaded.
'''West Virginia Vital Records Online:''' [] This database is incomplete but contains many birth, marriage, and death records for West Virginia, from the 1700s-1970s. (West Virginia was Virginia prior to 1863).
'''Immigration Records:''' Search [http Castle Gardenexpanded-passenger-records-release The Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation, Inc.] to locate 11 million immigrants who arrived in New York between 1820-1892. Search [ Ellis Island] to locate over 20 million immigrants arriving in New York between 1892-1924.These are free searches, no subscrition needed for Port of New York Records.
'''Military Records and More: '''[] Once an ancestor’s regiment number and company number are known, service records may be ordered. Many ancestors also applied for a pension. Order these online from the National Archives. You are not charged if they do not find anything. Click ‘Proceed to Order Online,’ then click ‘New User.’ After registering, repeat the previous steps, and log in. Click ‘Made-to-Order Reproductions.’ Select a military service record or Union pension record for order, fill out the order form, and watch your mailbox for the records to arrive! You may also order immigration, naturalization, homestead files, and Native American records following these instructions. Call 1-86-NARA-NARA for help.
'''Utah Vital Records Online:''' [] Death certificates from 1905-1956 are available online as well as many other databases and indexes. Search this page to see what is available. More records are added every day, listed by county.
'''Utah Cemetery/Burials:''' []. This database is still growing, and is easy to use to find ancestors buried in Utah.
'''Any U.S. Death Since About 1940: '''[http httpssdi]free. The Social Security Death Index lists anyone who had a Social Security Number who is dead. This free online database is also available on []. With a person’s SSDN, their application may be ordered, listing parents, birthplace and birth date, and other useful information. Once you locate the record on rootsweb, click ‘SS-5 Letter,’ print it out, fill in your personal information, and mail it with $27.00 to the Social Security Death Administration to obtain the application.
'''British Isles Vital Records:''' [], [], []. On the last one, the search box at the top of the page is an advertisement.
'''Various Free Records:'''[]. These are individually hosted sites and may contain a variety of records contributed by volunteers.  [[Category:United_StatesUnited States Vital Records]] [[Category:National_Archives_and_Records_AdministrationUnited States Church Records]]
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