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• Steve Morse SSDI - FAQs:
The Social Security Administration updates the Death Index monthly. Every site does not update their database every month. Therefore, what you find at one site may not be available at another site.
=== Information contained in the SSDI ===
*- State where the number was issued
*- Last zip code of residence or zip code where the death benefit was sent
A few notes of caution about the information contained in the SSDI: (1) because the index is based on information gleaned at the time of death, the information about the day, month, and year of birth should not be considered to be a primary source and its accuracy should be verified with research in other sources, if available; (2) because the index is based on the report of a death, it often, but not always, reports the actual date of death; however, you should make recourse to the death certificate, obituaries, and other comparable sources to verify the date of death; and (3) because the index reports only the residence or zip code where the death benefit was sent, you should not assume that that place necessarily is the place of death.
For example, the Social Security Death Index entry for Emil Dondero provides the following information: Name: Emil Dondero; SSN: 041-09-8197; Last Residence: 06606 Bridgeport, Fairfield, Connecticut, United States of America; Born: 8 Jul 1885; Died: Mar 1974; State (Year) SSN issued: Connecticut (Before 1951) (Source Citation: Number: 041-09-8197; Issue State: Connecticut; Issue Date: Before 1951.)
Emil's birth record in the community of Mocònesi in the Province of Genoa, Italy, confirms the exact birthdate that is reported for him in the Social Security Death Index. However, while Emil lived in Bridgeport, Connecticut from 1902 until shortly before his death, his death certificate appears in the records of that town in Italy showing that he actually died there, in Mocònesi, on 15 Dec 1973.
Hence, the Social Security Death Index entry for him, stating that his last residence was Bridgeport and that he died in March of 1974, actually should be interpreted to reveal that Bridgeport was the last residence but not the place of death and that the reference to March 1974 was merely the month in which the Social Security Administration learned of his death, which actually had occurred three months earlier, in December of 1973.
=== Information Not contained in the SSDI ===
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