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FamilySearch Wiki:Policies

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=== Personal Actions ===
'''15. [[FamilySearch Wiki:Be kind to newcomers|Be kind to newcomers]]. '''Most newcomers are not familiar with the policies of the Research Wiki. Be respectful when stating policy; refer them to policy pages in a kind manner. Treat them with the respect you would hope to receive if you were new to the Research Wiki as a user or contributor.
'''16. [[FamilySearch Wiki:User page|User page]].''' The user page is a great place to create a personal profile or introduction to yourself, or simply a location to keep helpful hints, or what you last contributed. Feel free to share your experience and skills, but blatant advertisements or lengthy blogs are inappropriate.
=== Content and Style ===
'''26. [[FamilySearch Wiki:Disambiguation|Disambiguation]].''' If an article’s name is very similar to another, make a note at the top explaining or linking to similar articles. If many articles share a name or name pieces, create a disambiguation page.
'''27. [[FamilySearch Wiki:Link, don’t copy|Link, don't copy]].''' Don’t include listings or complete records, rather, link externally to the source. Don’t include lengthy poems, speeches or other source text. Link to it.
=== Deletion ===
'''34. [[FamilySearch Wiki:Dispute Resolution|Disputes between members]].''' When disputes arise between community members they are strongly encouraged to talk together and resolve their differences without using arbitration or mediation.
'''35. [[FamilySearch Wiki:Mediation|Mediation]].''' A process available for request when disputes between members cannot be resolved on their own.
=== Legal and Copyright ===
'''38. [[FamilySearch Wiki:Libel|Libel]].''' It is the FamilySearch policy to immediately delete all libelous or defamatory materials. Libelous or defamatory materials should be immediately reported to administrators.
== Policy Changes or Additions == Any changes or additions to the Policies outlined should follow the steps on the [[FamilySearch_Wiki:Policy_Changes_or_Additions|FamilySearch Policy Changes or Additions]] page. &nbsp;This provision was proposed and approved by the community, October 2012.   {{policies and guidelines}} {{Contributor help-navbox}}
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