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Portpatrick, Wigtownshire, Scotland Genealogy

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This is a guide to the history and major genealogical records of Scotland as they pertain to the parish of [Parish]. To learn more about how to use these records to search for your ancestors, go to the [[Scotland:_Research_Strategies_for_Locating_Births,_Marriages_and_Deaths|<u>Scotland: Research Strategies.</u>]]
==== '''Condition of Original Records—''' ====
<br>'''Index:''' For an index to these records, see the Scottish Church Records Index on computer at the Family History Library under and family history centers.&nbsp; Some records may be indexed in the [ <u>International Genealogical Index</u>].&nbsp;&nbsp;<br>'''Births:''' There are no entries November 1724–August 1727, April 1730–June 1733, and October 1735–June 1737, except one. There are no entries December 1752–April 1745, except one for 1753. The records are irregular and incomplete 1745–1782 inclusive. The pages of the record for 1790–1819 are subscribed by the minister.<br>'''Marriages:''' There are no entries February 1730–October 1733, 1736, 1739, 1742, and January 1753–November 1765, except a few, 1739. Entries are somewhat irregular as to dates about 1753–1766. Names of witnesses are often added to the entries after 1779 and the pages after 1773 are certified by the minister.<br>'''Deaths:''' There are no death or burial entries August 1785–August 1817, except one for 1813. The record ends August 1818, except for one for 1841.<br>'''Source:''' ''Key to the Parochial Registers of Scotland'', by V. Ben Bloxham, pub. 1970. British Book 941 K23b <!-- Tidy found serious XHTML errors -->
== <br>'''Established Church—Kirk Session Records''' ==

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