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North Carolina in the Civil War

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=== Records and Resources ===
For an Internet site with information about North Carolina in the Civil War and links to related web sites, see: <br>
*Hewett, Janet B. ''The Roster of Union soldiers, 1861-1865. '' (Wilmington, North Carolina&nbsp;: Broadfoot Pub. Co., c1997-2000) {{FHL|779026|item|disp=FHL 973 M29h v. 1 through v. 31}}
 *Weaver, Jeffrey C. ''"[ North Carolina Civil War Home Page]"'' [database on-line]. N.p., 22 February 1999&nbsp;(accessed&nbsp;11 March 2011). This site has information about election statistics, lists of confederate units, descendant organizations, and unit histories.
=== Union ===
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