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Mediation is the assignment of a mediator to a dispute over article content, at the request of the contributors involved in the dispute. The role of the mediator is to direct and facilitate the discussion between the parties, in order to achieve agreement and establish a compromise. The mediator is a contributor who is uninvolved in the dispute and impartial to the subject matter, and must be a member of the Mediation Committee.
==== Structure<br> ====
Mediation proceedings have no prescribed structure, and each mediator is granted wide latitude to develop and use his or her own method of mediation; but most cases have the following structure:
#The listed issues to be mediated will be reviewed by the mediator and the parties. The mediation may request more specificity if the request for mediation does not outline in adequate detail the specific areas of article content which are being disputed;#The position each party has , or opinion each party holds, in turn, on the various issues will be formally established;#The various stances on each issue, and the rationale for holding each position, will be established;#Possible compromises between the defined stances will be explored, and the merits of each stance will be examined;#The results of this exploration will be transferred into a draft agreement or compromise (often in written form);
#This draft agreement will become the final agreement provided for in Outcome.
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