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Mediators may volunteer to be assigned to new cases, and can be excluded from new cases, as set down at Recusal and assignment of mediators. If no mediator has volunteered, the Chair will identify a mediator who is willing to serve. If more than mediator has volunteered, the Chair will designate the mediator. <br>
==== Role of mediator<br> ====
The role of the mediator is as set out in the Definition of mediation proceedings, and is to foster agreement between parties on matters of article content. Mediators are not:<br>
#Emissaries. It is not the job of mediators to pass messages between individuals who are not able to communicate. Mediators work to establish the trust and common ground to allow direct communication.
#Private investigators. Mediators do not "work for you", nor will they work to build a case against someone or research the facts in an article. Mediators will examine the facts surrounding the dispute in an attempt to understand what each party is looking for and to determine what may help to resolve the dispute amicably.
#Psychologists or social workers. Mediators work with all parties as a neutral third party; they cannot and will not counsel or give advice to either party involved in the dispute.
#Advocates. Mediators will not take sides in the dispute or promote one person's point of view or request over those of another person.<br>
Parties can object to the participation of a particular mediator using the process at Recusal and assignment of mediatorsoutlined in the Mediation Committee information.<br>
==== Outcome of mediation<br> ====
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