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Yakama Indian Reservation (Washington)

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The Yakama Reservation is located in south central ([[Klickitat_CountyKlickitat County,_WashingtonWashington|Klickitat]] and [[Yakima_CountyYakima County,_WashingtonWashington|Yakima]] Counties)  Washington, south and west of Yakima.
:Established -- 9 June 1855
:Agency (BIA) -- [[Yakima_Indian_Agency_Yakima Indian Agency (Washington)|Yakima Agency]]:Principal tribes -- 14 confederated tribes of the [[Yakama_Indians|Yakima Nation]], Klikitat, Paloos, Topnish, Wasco :Population -- 1969: [[American_Indian_Enrollment_RecordsAmerican Indian Enrollment Records|Tribal enrollment]]: 5,391 <ref> Indian Reservations A State and Federal Handbook. Compiled by The Confederation of American Indians, New York, N.Y. McFarland and Co. Inc., Jefferson, North Carolina, c. 1986. FHL book 970.1 In2 </ref>
== History ==
== Records ==
'''Land Records''': Tribally owned land: 798,754 acres. [[American_Indian_Allotment_RecordsAmerican Indian Allotment Records|Alloted land]]: 296,459 acres.
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