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[[Image:Knight.jpg|frame|left|95x128px|Knight.jpg]]I'm Ken Knight of Spanish Fork, UT; a former member of the Wiki support team. I’m a retired athletic trainer, college professor, author, scientist, and administrator. Our family and our genealogy have been blessed by living in Utah, Missouri, New York,&nbsp;Indiana, and back in Utah during the course of my employment by five universities. I’ve had a fulfilling and productive professional career. But my passion for sports injury rehabilitation, research, and writing has increasingly shared time with genealogical research during the past 25 years. Now genealogy has taken center stage. And my joy is even greater because my wife’s passion for genealogy has grown in parallel with my own. We have become fully integrated genealogical research team.<br>
Our research has centered in New England (over 100 ancestors were in Massachusetts by 1650), North Carolina (German Lutherans migrated from the Palatine region of Germany in 1730), and Indiana, Illinois and Kansas. Our favorite vacation is a genealogy field trip–we have researched in over 50 court houses, town halls, libraries, and archives. And oh, the kind and helpful people we have met along the way. <br>


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