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This section describes repositories other than the Family History Library that can help you in your research. The Family History Library has copies of many but not all of the records at these archives.
Before you visit, contact the archive or library. Ask about their collection, hours, services, and fees. Send a well-worded letter of introduction and intent. This will increase your chances to use the records.
=== Archives in the Philippines ===
*[ National Archives Government Website]
=== Libraries in the Philippines ===
Besides the libraries listed above, each province has a library that stores valuable local histories. Some municipalities and cities have libraries that collect local family histories and other important genealogical records. Also, each municipality has a local civil registrar office that keeps valuable family history information. The local civil registrar logs all civil registration events (see [[Philippines Civil Registration- Vital Records]].
'''Church Archives.''' See [[Philippines Church Records]].
=== Foreign Libraries ===
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