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Portpatrick, Wigtownshire, Scotland Genealogy

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A census is a count and description of the population, taken by the government, arranged by locality and by household. Read more about [[Scotland Census|<u>census records.</u>]]
Click {{FHL|649849|title-id|disp=here}}{{LQL}}&nbsp;to go to the Family History Library&nbsp;Catalog entry&nbsp;for the census records of&nbsp;Portpatrick.&nbsp; The Family History Library also has a surname index for the {{FHL|1137128|subject-id|disp=1841}} census of Portpatrick as well as a surname index for the {{FHL|708169|title-id|disp=1881}} census of the whole of Wigtonshire.&nbsp;
The 1901 census of Scotland is indexed on []. &nbsp;To use it, you must register and pay a small access fee. All available censuses, 1841-1901, are indexed on this website. It may be easier for you to pay to use the website rather than access indexes through the library.&nbsp;
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