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Portpatrick, Wigtownshire, Scotland Genealogy

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'''Parish #896'''
This is a guide to the history and major genealogical records of Scotland as they pertain to the parish of [Parish]Portpatrick. To learn more about how to use these records to search for your ancestors, go to the [[Scotland:_Research_Strategies_for_Locating_BirthsResearch Strategies for Locating Births,_Marriages_and_DeathsMarriages and Deaths|<u>Scotland: Research Strategies.</u>]]
== '''History''' ==
Available ''The New Statistical Account of Scotland'' (pub. 1834-45) offers uniquely rich and detailed parish reports for the whole of Scotland, covering a vast range of topics including history, agriculture, education, trades, religion and social customs. The reports, written by the parish ministers, are available online at [].&nbsp; &nbsp;Browse the Click on ‘Browse scanned pages via pages’ then search the parish reportsfor PortpatrickAlso available at the [*%2C0%2C0&title=the+new+statistical+account+of+scotland&pretitle=the+new+statistical+account+of+scotland Family History is coming soonLibrary. ]
= '''Census Records''' =
<br>A census is a count and description of the population, taken by the government, arranged by locality and by household. Read more about [[Scotland Census|<u>census records.</u>]]
Here is a list of the Family History Library microfilm numbers for the [*%2C0%2C0&titleno=649849&disp=Census+returns+for+Portpatrick+%28parish++ census records of&nbsp;Portparick ] as well as the library numbers for any surname indexes available:
| 1841
| 1042847
| 941.495 X22c /P1 X22d 1841 no. 1
| 1851
= '''Church Records''' =
<br>The Established Church of Scotland was Presbyterian. Read more about [[Scotland Church Records|<u>church records.</u>]] <br>
'''History—'''<br>Andrew Urquhart, two elders, and most of the congregation came out in 1843. The handsome church they had newly erected was taken from them. They worshiped for a time on the green near the shore. The church was built, and opened in the winter of 1843. A manse was erected in 1846. After being thrice renovated the original church was replaced by a new building in 1887. A new manse was built in 1891. Portpatrick declined in population after the mail steamers for Ireland ceased to start from the port. After 1880, however, the place grew in popularity as a summer resort.<br>'''Membership:''' 1848, 220; 1900, 226. <br>'''Source: '''''Annals of the Free Church of Scotland,'' 1843–1900, ed. Rev. William Ewing, D.D., 2 vols. pub. 1914. Film #918572. More details may be given in the source.
'''Records—<br>'''The extent of records is unknown.
= '''Civil Registration Records''' =
Government or civil registration of births, marriages, and deaths (also called statutory records) began on January 1, 1855 in Scotland. Each parish has a registrar's office and large cities have several. The records are created by the registrars and copies are sent to the General Register Office in Edinburgh. Annual indexes are then created for the records for the whole country. <br><br>See the article on [[Scotland_Civil_RegistrationScotland Civil Registration-_Vital_RecordsVital Records|<u>Scotland Civil Registration</u>]] for more information and to access the records.<br>
= '''Probate Records''' =

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