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In Manitoba, there are now two other dioceses; Brandon (from 1913), which covers the western third of the province and Keewatin (from 1899), which covers most of Northern Manitoba and North-western Ontario. The addresses for their archives are given below. The names and addresses of the other dioceses of Western Canada can be obtained from the Anglican Resource Centre in Winnipeg.
[ '''Anglican Church of Canada - Diocese of Rupert’s Land Archives''']<br>935 Nesbitt Bay<br>Winnipeg, Manitoba R3T 1W6<br>Telephone: 204-992-4203<br>Email:[]<br><br>
[ '''Anglican Church of Canada - Diocese of Brandon, Synod Office''']<br>Mail Address: <br>Box 21009, W.E.P.O.<br>Brandon, Manitoba R7B 3W8<br>Telephone: 204-727-7550<br>Email:[]<br>


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