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==== Great Wagon Road ====
[[Image:Great Wagon Road-Philadelphia.jpg|center|Great Wagon Road-Philadelphia.jpg]]“The Philadelphia or Great Wagon Road began its history as ''the Warriors’ Path'', an ancient Indian highway that was used by Iroquois tribesmen of the north to go south to trade, hunt, and make war. When the colonists took over, it extended 800 miles from Philadelphia in the north down through South Carolina in the south, and was the only route of travel at that time.” (Merlin C. and Eva M. Finnell, “''Migration Trails of the Eastern United States'',” 55.)<br>
<br>Tens of thousands used this road, beginning in colonial times and continuing long after. It carried more traffic than all the other early American roads put together.
The first section of the road was the Lancaster Road connecting Philadelphia to York and Lancaster. Immigrants from the Palatinate region of Germany who came between 1710 and 1730 were forced to the frontier along the Lancaster Road to provide a buffer against the Indian tribes. The lands there being infertile, many turned south into the more fertile Virginia Valley, with the first settlement beginning at Winchester in 1731.


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