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'''''Unique genealogical features:'''''&nbsp;[[Image:{{Wimbledon}}|Wimbledon Tennis Championship]]
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=== Featured Content ===
Use an [ interactive map ]to find jurisdictions for each parish in Surrey.
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==== Parishes ====
*[[Abinger, Surrey Parishes|Abinger]]{{·}} [[Addington, Surrey|Addington]]{{·}} [[Addlestone, Surrey|Addlestone]]{{·}} [[Albury, Surrey|Albury]]{{·}} [[Alfold, Surrey|Alfold]]{{·}} [[Ash, Surrey|Ash]]{{·}} [[Ashtead, Surrey|Ashtead]]{{·}} [[Bagshot, Surrey|Bagshot]]{{·}} [[Banstead, Surrey|Banstead]]{{·}} [[Barnes, Surrey|Barnes]]{{·}} [[Battersea All Saints, Surrey|Battersea All Saints]]{{·}} [[Battersea St Mary, Surrey|Battersea St Mary]]{{·}} [[Battersea St George, Surrey|Battersea St George]]{{·}} [[Beddington, Surrey|Beddington]]{{·}} [[Bermondsey St Mary Magdalen, Surrey|Bermondsey St Mary Magdalen]]{{·}} [[Bermondsey Christ Church, Surrey|Bermondsey Christ Church]]{{·}} [[Bermondsey St James, Surrey|Bermondsey St James]]{{·}} [[Bermondsey St Paul, Surrey|Bermondsey St Paul]]{{·}} [[Betchworth, Surrey|Betchworth]]{{·}} [[Bisley, Surrey|Bisley]]{{·}} [[Bletchingley, Surrey|Bletchingley]]{{·}} [[Blindley Heath, Surrey|Blindley Heath]]{{·}} [[Great Bookham, Surrey|Bookham, Great]]{{·}} [[Little Bookham, Surrey|Bookham, Little]]{{·}} [[Botleys and Lyne, Surrey|Botleys and Lyne]]{{·}} [[Bowling Green, Surrey|Bowling Green]]{{·}} [[Bramley, Surrey|Bramley]]{{·}} [[Brixton St Matthew, Surrey|Brixton St Matthew]]{{·}} [[Brockham Green, Surrey|Brockham Green]]{{·}} [[Buckland, Surrey|Buckland]]{{·}} [[Burstow, Surrey|Burstow]]{{·}} [[Byfleet, Surrey|Byfleet]]{{·}} [[Camberwell St Giles, Surrey|Camberwell St Giles]]{{·}} [[Camberwell Camden Chapel, Surrey|Camberwell Camden Chapel]]{{·}} [[Camberwell Christ Church, Surrey|Camberwell Christ Church]]{{·}} [[Camberwell Emmanuel, Surrey|Camberwell Emmanuel]]{{·}} [[Camberwell St George, Surrey|Camberwell St George]]{{·}} [[Capel, Surrey|Capel]]{{·}} [[Carshalton, Surrey|Carshalton]]{{·}} [[Caterham, Surrey|Caterham]]{{·}} [[Chaldon, Surrey|Chaldon]]{{·}} [[Charlwood, Surrey|Charlwood]]{{·}} [[Cheam, Surrey|Cheam]]{{·}} [[Chelsham, Surrey|Chelsham]]{{·}} [[Chertsey, Surrey|Chertsey]]{{·}} [[Chessington, Surrey|Chessington]]{{·}} [[Chiddingfold, Surrey|Chiddingfold]]{{·}} [[St Martha, Surrey|Chilworth]]{{·}} [[Chipstead, Surrey|Chipstead]]{{·}} [[Chobham, Surrey|Chobham]]{{·}} [[East Clandon, Surrey|Clandon, East]]{{·}} [[West Clandon, Surrey|Clandon, West]]{{·}} [[Clapham Holy Trinity, Surrey|Clapham Holy Trinity]]{{·}} [[Clapham St John, Surrey|Clapham St John]]{{·}} [[Claygate, Surrey|Claygate]]{{·}} [[Cobham, Surrey|Cobham]]{{·}} [[Coldharbour, Surrey|Coldharbour]]{{·}} [[Compton, Surrey|Compton]]{{·}} [[Coulsdon, Surrey|Coulsdon]]{{·}} [[Cranleigh, Surrey|Cranleigh]]{{·}} [[Crowhurst, Surrey|Crowhurst]]{{·}} [[Croydon St John the Baptist, Surrey|Croydon St John the Baptist]]{{·}} [[Cuddington, Surrey|Cuddington]]{{·}} [[Denmark Hill, Surrey|Denmark Hill]]{{·}} [[Long Ditton, Surrey|Ditton, Long]]{{·}} [[Ditton, Thames, Surrey|Ditton, Thames]]{{·}} [[Dorking, Surrey|Dorking]]{{·}} [[Dunsfold, Surrey|Dunsfold]]{{·}} [[Effingham, Surrey|Effingham]]{{·}} [[Egham, Surrey|Egham]]{{·}} [[Elstead, Surrey|Elstead]]{{·}} [[Epsom, Surrey|Epsom]]{{·}} [[Esher, Surrey|Esher]]{{·}} [[Ewell, Surrey|Ewell]]{{·}} [[Ewhurst, Surrey|Ewhurst]]{{·}} [[Farleigh, Surrey|Farleigh]]{{·}} [[Farncombe, Surrey|Farncombe]]{{·}} [[Farnham, Surrey|Farnham]]{{·}} [[Fetcham, Surrey|Fetcham]]{{·}} [[Frensham, Hampshire|Frensham]]{{·}} [[Frimley, Surrey|Frimley]]{{·}} [[Gatton, Surrey|Gatton]]{{·}} [[Godalming, Surrey|Godalming]]{{·}} [[Godstone, Surrey|Godstone]]{{·}} [[Guildford Holy Trinity, Surrey|Guildford Holy Trinity]]{{·}} [[Guildford St Mary, Surrey|Guildford St Mary]]{{·}} [[Guildford St Nicholas, Surrey|Guildford St Nicholas]]{{·}} [[Guildford the Friary, Surrey|Guildford the Friary]]{{·}} [[Hale, Surrey|Hale]]{{·}} [[Ham, Surrey|Ham]]{{·}} [[Hambledon, Surrey|Hambledon]]{{·}} [[Hascombe, Surrey|Hascombe]]{{·}} [[Haslemere, Surrey|Haslemere]]{{·}} [[Hatcham St James, Surrey|Hatcham St James]]{{·}} [[Headley, Surrey|Headley]]{{·}} [[Herne Hill, Surrey|Herne Hill]]{{·}} [[Hersham, Surrey|Hersham]]{{·}} [[Holmwood, Surrey|Holmwood]]{{·}} [[Horley, Surrey|Horley]]{{·}} [[Horne, Surrey|Horne]]{{·}} [[Horsell, Surrey|Horsell]]{{·}} [[East Horsley, Surrey|Horsley, East]]{{·}} [[West Horsley, Surrey|Horsley, West]]{{·}} [[Horsleydown St Mark, Surrey|Horsleydown St Mark]]{{·}} [[Horsleydown St John, Surrey|Horsleydown St John]]{{·}} [[Kennington St Mark, Surrey|Kennington St Mark]]{{·}} [[South Kennington, Surrey|Kennington, South]]{{·}} [[Kew with Petersham, Surrey|Kew with Petersham]]{{·}} [[Kingston upon Thames, Surrey|Kingston upon Thames]]{{·}} [[Kingswood, Surrey|Kingswood]]{{·}} [[Lambeth St Mary, Surrey|Lambeth St Mary]]{{·}} [[Lambeth All Saints, Surrey|Lambeth All Saints, Lower Marsh]]{{·}} [[Lambeth Holy Trinity, Surrey|Lambeth Holy Trinity]]{{·}} [[Lambeth St Andrew, Surrey|Lambeth St Andrew]]{{·}} [[Lambeth St John the Evangelist, Surrey|Lambeth St John the Evangelist, Waterloo Road]]{{·}} [[Lambeth St Mary the Less,Norwood, Surrey|Lambeth St Mary the Less]]{{·}} [[Lambeth St Thomas, Surrey|Lambeth St Thomas]]{{·}} [[Leatherhead, Surrey|Leatherhead]]{{·}} [[Leigh, Surrey|Leigh]]{{·}} [[Limpsfield, Surrey|Limpsfield]]{{·}} [[Lingfield, Surrey|Lingfield]]{{·}} [[Long Cross, Surrey|Long Cross]]{{·}} [[Malden, Surrey|Malden]]{{·}} [[Merrow, Surrey|Merrow]]{{·}} [[Merstham, Surrey|Merstham]]{{·}} [[Merton, Surrey|Merton]]{{·}} [[Mickleham, Surrey|Mickleham]]{{·}} [[Milford, Surrey|Milford]]{{·}} [[Mitcham, Surrey|Mitcham St Peter and Paul]]{{·}} [[East Molesey, Surrey|Molesey, East]]{{·}} [[West Molesey, Surrey|Molesey, West]]{{·}} [[Morden, Surrey|Morden]]{{·}} [[Mortlake, Surrey|Mortlake]]{{·}} [[Newdigate, Surrey|Newdigate]]{{·}} [[Newington, Surrey|Newington St Mary]]{{·}} [[Norbiton, Surrey|Norbiton]]{{·}} [[Norwood All Saints, Surrey|Norwood All Saints]]{{·}} [[Norwood St Luke, Surrey|Norwood St Luke]]{{·}} [[Nutfield, Surrey|Nutfield]]{{·}} [[Ockham, Surrey|Ockham]]{{·}} [[Ockley, Surrey|Ockley]]{{·}} [[Okewood, Surrey|Okewood]]{{·}} [[Oxted, Surrey|Oxted]]{{·}} [[Peckham St Mary Magdalen, Surrey|Peckham St Mary Magdalen]]{{·}} [[Penge St John, Surrey|Penge St John]]{{·}} [[Peper Harow, Surrey|Peper Harow]]{{·}} [[Petersham St Peter|Petersham]]{{·}} [[Pirbright, Surrey|Pirbright]]{{·}} [[Putney, Surrey|Putney]]{{·}} [[Puttenham, Surrey|Puttenham]]{{·}} [[Pyrford, Surrey|Pyrford]]{{·}} [[Reigate, Surrey|Reigate St Mary Magdalene]]{{·}} [[Richmond, Surrey|Richmond]]{{·}} [[Richmond St John, Surrey|Richmond St John]]{{·}} [[Ripley, Surrey|Ripley]]{{·}} [[Robin Hood, Surrey|Robin Hood]]{{·}} [[Roehampton, Surrey|Roehampton]]{{·}} [[Rotherhithe St Mary, Surrey|Rotherhithe St Mary]]{{·}} [[Rotherhithe All Saints, Surrey|Rotherhithe All Saints]]{{·}} [[Rotherhithe Christ Church, Surrey|Rotherhithe Christ Church]]{{·}} [[Rotherhithe Holy Trinity, Surrey|Rotherhithe Holy Trinity]]{{·}} [[Sanderstead, Surrey|Sanderstead]]{{·}} [[Seale, Surrey|Seale]]{{·}} [[Send, Surrey|Send]]{{·}} [[Shackleford, Surrey|Shackleford]]{{·}} [[Shalford, Surrey|Shalford]]{{·}} [[Shere, Surrey|Shere]]{{·}} [[Shirley, Surrey|Shirley]]{{·}} [[Shottermill, Surrey|Shottermill]]{{·}} [[Southwark Christchurch, Surrey, England|Southwark Christchurch]]{{·}} [[Southwark Holy Trinity, Surrey, England|Southwark Holy Trinity]]{{·}} [[Southwark St George the Martyr, Surrey, England|Southwark St George the Martyr]]{{·}} [[Southwark St Jude St George's Road, Surrey, England|Southwark St Jude St George's Road]]{{·}} [[Southwark St Mary, Surrey, England|Southwark St Mary]]{{·}} [[Southwark St Olave, Surrey, England|Southwark St Olave]]{{·}} [[Southwark St Peter, Surrey, England|Southwark St Peter]]{{·}} [[Southwark St Saviour, Surrey, England|Southwark St Saviour]]{{·}} [[Southwark St Stephen, Surrey, England|Southwark St Stephen]]{{·}} [[Southwark St Thomas, Surrey, England|Southwark St Thomas]]{{·}} [[St Martha, Surrey|St Martha]]{{·}} [[Stockwell, Surrey|Stockwell]]{{·}} [[Stoke D'Abernon, Surrey|Stoke D’Abernon]]{{·}} [[Stoke next Guildford, Surrey|Stoke next Guildford]]{{·}} [[Streatham St Leonard, Surrey|Streatham St Leonard]]{{·}} [[Streatham Christ Church, Surrey|Streatham Christ Church]]{{·}} [[Summers Town, Surrey|Summers Town]]{{·}} [[Surbiton St Mark, Surrey|Surbiton St Mark]]{{·}} [[Sutton, Surrey|Sutton]]{{·}} [[Tandridge, Surrey|Tandridge]]{{·}} [[Tatsfield, Surrey|Tatsfield]]{{·}} [[Thorpe, Surrey|Thorpe]]{{·}} [[Thursley, Surrey|Thursley]]{{·}} [[Titsey, Surrey|Titsey]]{{·}} [[Tooting Graveney, Surrey|Tooting Graveney]]{{·}} [[Virginia Water, Surrey|Virginia Water]]{{·}} [[Wallington, Surrey|Wallington]]{{·}} [[Walton on the Hill, Surrey|Walton on the Hill]]{{·}} [[Walton on Thames, Surrey|Walton on Thames]]{{·}} [[Walworth Common, Surrey|Walworth Common]]{{·}} [[Walworth St Peter, Surrey|Walworth St Peter]]{{·}} [[Wanborough, Surrey|Wanborough]]{{·}} [[Wandsworth All Saints, Surrey|Wandsworth All Saints]]{{·}} [[Wandsworth St Anne, Surrey|Wandsworth St Anne]]{{·}} [[Warlingham, Surrey|Warlingham]]{{·}} [[Waverley, Surrey|Waverley]]{{·}} [[Weybridge, Surrey|Weybridge]]{{·}} [[Whyteleafe, Surrey|Whyteleafe]]{{·}} [[Wimbledon St Mary, Surrey|Wimbledon St Mary]]{{·}} [[Windlesham, Surrey|Windlesham]]{{·}} [[Wisley, Surrey|Wisley]]{{·}} [[Witley, Surrey|Witley]]{{·}} [[Woking St Peter, Surrey|Woking St Peter]]{{·}} [[Woldingham, Surrey|Woldingham]]{{·}} [[Wonersh, Surrey|Wonersh]]{{·}} [[Woodmansterne, Surrey|Woodmansterne]]{{·}} [[Worplesdon, Surrey|Worplesdon]]{{·}} [[Wotton, Surrey|Wotton]]{{·}} [[Wrecclesham, Surrey|Wrecclesham]]{{·}} [[Wyke, Surrey|Wyke]]{{·}} [[York Town, Surrey|York Town]]
==== Probate Jurisdictions ====
Before 1858, every town and parish in Surrey was under the probate jurisdiction of several ecclesiastical courts.&nbsp; To read more about probate records and see a list of Surrey towns and parishes and the probate courts that had jurisdiction over them, go to [[Surrey Probate Records|Surrey Probate Records]].
=== Websites === *[ Looking 4 Kin Genealogy &amp; Family History Network - Surrey]
To view an excellent list of web sites and/or web pages for Surrey and many of its parishes, visit [].
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