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:The McClung Historical Collection includes an index to early '''''North Carolina''''' families. No index in North Carolina can top this one.<ref name="DB85" /> Internet genealogy databases, more than 75,000 books, 3,000 genealogies, 15,000 First Families of Tennessee, manuscripts, censuses, state and local government records, newspapers, Knoxville city directories, maps, and photos. The same building also houses the Knox County Archives, and the East Tennessee Historical Society and Museum.<ref>[ Calvin M. McClung Historical Collection] in ''Knox County Public Library'' (accessed 11 February 2014).</ref><br><br>
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:They have a relatively small family folder collection. Nevertheless, it is an important resource for settlers coming from '''''Pennsylvania, Maryland''''', and northern '''''Virginia''''' &nbsp;along the [[Great Valley Road]] into '''''Tennessee, Kentucky''''', and '''''North Carolina'''''.<ref>Dollarhide and Bremer, 105.</ref><br><br>
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