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15 Minutes of Family History

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This page contains free online databases and quick family history research resources.
<br>'''Early LDS Ancestors:'''[] This site allows the user to locate information on early LDS ancestors.
'''Pioneer Ancestors Coming Across the Plains:'''[].
'''Homestead''''''or Land Patents:'''[].
Click “Search Land Patents” at the top of the page. Enter a zip code, then select the state where an ancestor may have bought or homesteaded land from the federal government. New records are added every day. Click on the ancestor’s name. If ‘View Image’ is available, you may see the original document. Using the coordinates from the land patent, find the homestead or land using GoogleEarth. Use Step 10 to order the whole homestead packet. For further details see [[Land_Patent_Search|Land Patent Search]].<br>
'''Newspapers:'''There are MANY online newspaper resources, usually put online by a University in the state, or a public library. Utah newspapers were digitized by the U of U. BYU also uses the U of U database. []. New papers are added every day. Search for an ancestor’s name in the search box under all newspapers first, then narrow the search if the results are too great.
'''Various Free Records:'''[]. These are individually hosted sites and may contain a variety of records contributed by volunteers.
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