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<br> Can you give me an example so I can be clear. I don't want to do "bare links". I was trying to match what others have already done. I apologize if I had done something wrong. I have a LOT of links someone had posted on the past and have since changed sites. Have been going in and replacing the links to point to the correct site and adding the links to counties that did not have them. Thanks
::I would be happy to walk you through what has been brought to my attention, and again, if you have any questions, or there is any discrepancy, don't hesitate to get back to me.&nbsp; I want to resolve this in a way that benefits the wiki, and I&nbsp;certainly don't want to alienate a contributor. Apparently, a records template was changed that indicates a county had record loss that didn't, Edwards County, Illinois. And, if you click any of his new links on this page you get a no new information. Even when you click on a county that had record loss, the link just repeats what was essentially already on the Wiki.&nbsp; I think the same was done for New York, and Louisiana.&nbsp; I realize there may be some record loss, but make sure there is new information on the end of any link you are adding.&nbsp;
Also, although there are many links to your site already on the wiki, and I'm not sure the circumstances of their placement.&nbsp; Years ago many links were added in list form.&nbsp; As you can see by our guidelines, this does not allow for you to go in and continue adding multiple links to a site unless you add information and cite the website. (just because your site appears on one county page, that does not mean it needs to appear on every county in that state).&nbsp; Ideally, if a site has something to offer that isn't on the wiki, that information is added to the wiki by our contributors.&nbsp; Obviously, if a site has a lot of information on a specific county, then a link back may be appropriate. (usually not a link back multiple times on the same page, although we know it has occurred in the past).
As for changing the links from your old website link to the new one, that is completely appropriate, and we thank you sincerely for coming and doing that.&nbsp; It helps us out, and more importantly, it helps our users.
I understand you have added links to some animated maps, which is something we don't have and would be quite helpful to our users.&nbsp; Where you can add your link on a page is in the websites section.&nbsp; That is merely a list of sites that a user might find helpful in researching that particular state/county.&nbsp; If you would like to add your site in that spot on a page, it would not be considered a bare link.&nbsp; Please use good wiki etiquette and place your information at the bottom of the list under the sites that have been there longer.&nbsp; It will also help people notice you as they are trained to look at the bottom of the list for additions.
You have added links to a Google+ Group and a Yahoo Group.&nbsp; We have not previously had links to anything like this on the wiki (except our own Facebook pages).&nbsp; Would you mind briefly telling me about these?[[User:Evancol|Evancol]] 13:33, 4 April 2014 (UTC)Jane
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