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=== Online ===
The following websites have some significant cemetery listings for North Carolina Cemeteries State. [[Image:ArrowGreen.svg.png|left|20x20px{{Note|ArrowGreen.svg.png]] Sites may be incomplete. <br>• They may not list all cemeteries in a county <br>• and may not include all burials in a cemetery. <br>}}<br>
* [ Search for names] Enter at least a last name then click '''Search'''. Can narrow by first names or dates.
**This site frequently has tombstone images
**[ List of cemeteries] statewide for cemeteries in their database . ***You may need to narrow by 1) Select the state, 2) pick a county , and 3) click '''Search.''' (There are too many cemeteries for a statewide list.) ****Go Tip: To switch to [ Find A Grave Home page]a different county, click '''Search for a cemetery''Cemetery Lookup', select the state (North Carolina), then select from the ''under 'county list''', and press 'Actions''Search'''at the left. ***Click When you have a list, click on the number below '''Interments''' for a cemetery to access names. Click '''Records''' arrow to scroll through to the end.
*[ ''Web: North Carolina, Find A Grave Index, 1716-2012''] at (Free<ref>May be used for free at Family History Center. To locate a center near you, [ click here].</ref>/$)
{{Tip| Remember:<br>
# Family members may be buried in the same plot or nearby.
# [[Carolina Cemeteries Cemeteries#Value of Cemetery Records|Symbols and abbreviations]] may lead you to other records.
# Weathering and damage to tombstones make [[Carolina Cemeteries Cemeteries#Published Transcriptions|early published transcriptions]] priceless.}} <br>
*[ North Carolina Genealogy] organizes online transcriptions by county and city]
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