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<div style="position:relative; width:640px; height:640px; top:-1600px; left:0px; float:left;"><div style="position:absolute; font-size:14px; top:153px; left:0px;>'''[[User:Luccagenes/Sandbox/TestPage2|<span style="color:#ffc813">Wiki Main Page</span>]]''' (mockup page)<br> {{Hub TheNextLevel}}<center>'''This journey can become a hobby, a passion, a vocation, a career, or a legacy.'''</center><br><br>
If This next level ( '''''climbing “your” family tree''''' ) highlights a number of areas you are new should review when starting off for the first time and which should be reviewed periodically to genealogy this page will take keep you to various on track. You can check out some or all of the articles that will help you or come back to become proficient in your new interestthem later as needed. The series of wiki articles can After this your next step could be accessed by progressing clockwise around to go to the '''[[User:Luccagenes/Sandbox/TestPage3|“New to the hub diagram starting with "Genealogy Basics"Wiki”]]''' section for information on how to best utilize this wiki to help you build a strong foundation for your future research.
[[Image:Html7.jpg|left|100px|Genealogy basics]]Don’t be put off if it seems that the By its very nature, your genealogical research is a never ending quest as there is a constant influx of new online information here is too basic for and every new contact you as this page was developed for the novice make could add to your knowledge and your family history records. (whether or not that would be Many people have a young child or a senior getting up tendency to expand their research beyond their direct family line due to speed with genealogy)their enjoyment of the research process itself and their interest in pursuing the world family tree. Scan You have to decide when and what you already know but you may still find things want to get out of interest within these pages; this endeavor and how much time you may also find are willing and able to put into it useful when teaching others while sharing your interests.
If Ultimately, the most important point to remember is that you are should always pace yourself during this venture. There will be times when new information comes fast and furious due to the wiki a breakthrough of a brick wall, as well, there as times where nothing is a link found for weeks or months. You enthusiasm will also waver up and down in the center of the hub called "Navigation Basics" which will help relationship to raise more important issues in your comfort level as life but just remember that once you move around have completed the various parts of two '''[[Beginners_First_Step|time sensitive critical steps]]''' the wiki. The sidebar at the right also contains several links you other genealogy data will find to always be a useful reference now and once there waiting for you gain experience. Good luck on your new venture and remember Pace yourself so that there is always a way to contact someone if you ever encounter any problems or do not burn out and loose interest and if you would just document your research with irrefutable sources then others like some adviceyour children or your children’s children can pick up where your legacy left off.
This hub page is designed to provide a Guided Tour for those that may be New to Genealogy and for quick access for those wanting a refresher course on specific topics. The current format is summarized in the article [[Beginners First Step|Beginners First Step]] which could be used as a less formal overview for those new to genealogy. The objective at this page is to provide a structured format which will lead to articles offering greater detail as the beginner becomes acquainted with the genealogical terminology, the searching options, and proven research methods.
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