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== Testing a new template<br> ==
Removed Hi Steve, With all the discussions about the wiki becoming outdated (and all the outdated pages I have come across) I thought something like this might help ([[Template:Auto-outdated|Template:Auto-outdated]]). I know there is a maintenance template to mark outdated articles but this is a slightly different approach to keep them from becoming outdated in the first place. Is anything like this currently available? I realize the parser calculations are a bit lengthy but until functions like “AgeParse” are available this is the only way I could figure out how to do it; the discussion with oneself1970 calculation would not work without storing a variable.<br><br>Questions: Is there a way to limit the initial parameter to positive integers? Is the use of <nowiki>{{!}}</nowiki> necessary in the coding in place of the bar? Is there an advantage to using named versus unnamed parameters for inputting the categories? Is there a way to overcome the unusual glitch wherein the resulting categories are not added to the category page, [[:Category:Auto-outdated]], unless a null edit is performed (even though they are added to the page itself)?<br>Thanks for your patience as I am still learning. Luccagenes 14:16:41, 28 July 3 August 2014 (UTC) <br><br><br>
== Maintenance tag on an archived page.<br> ==
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