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South Africa Probate Records

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=== Wills and Probates ===
=== Death Notices ===
Death notices are essential documents for research in South Africa. These important documents typically supply age, date, and place of death, whether married nor not, names of children, and, if known, the names of the parents of the deceased, so are of great value. Death notices were held under the jurisdiction for which they were created. Prior to 1994, death notices were created under the following five jurisdictions:<br>
[[South Africa Cape Province Death Notices|Cape Province]]<br>[[South Africa Cape Province Death Notices|Kimberley (Cape Province)]]<br>[[South Africa Natal Death Notices|Natal]]<br>[[South Africa Orange Free State Death Notices|Orange Free State]]<br>[[South Africa Transvaal Death Notices|Transvaal]]
Click on the name of the province for more information on the death notices available for that province.
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