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FamilySearch Wiki:Contributors Meeting 14 Aug 2014

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Summary of Yammer
***if it is there, delete it. Then the links should work.
*GUISEPPE: **GenForum is closing 30 September; it will be archived for read only ***If ancestry doesn't change URLs OK. ***If we have links to GenForum as a place to post queries we will need to clean these up. Are you aware of these situations? Perhaps a little clean up project is in order.
*GUISEPPE: **What is the difference between the meanings of "Baptism" and" Christening?" the **He is trying to translate this title into another language "Name index to birth, baptism and christening records from the state of Mayland".
*CHARLES' SIDEBAR: [[User:CcSmith/sandbox/sidebar | Charles' current sidebar suggestion]]
==== Guest Speaker ====
Moderator, editor, pagecreator

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