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Guardianship records usually give the name of the parent(s) who died and the names and ages of the minor children. The records have been kept by the clerks of the county courts in [[Arkansas]], sometimes in separate volumes, but most often merely noted in the court minutes.
*The Family History Library has guardianship records for [ Marion County, 1888-1905] only. More may be intermingled with probate or court records in the various counties of Arkansas.
Arkansas county probate or court can be found in the Place Search of the FamilySearch Catalog by entering a place search as: UNITED STATES, ARKANSAS, [County]
A topic list will appear from which you may choose 'Court Records' or 'Probate Records.'
*[ a list of county records pertaining to Guardians in Arkansas] at Arkansas History Commission
**a list and descriptions of Guardianship records held by the Arkansas History Commission; searchable by county
**FHL microfilm numbers and Arkansas History Commission (the State Archives) microfilm roll numbers are included
**photocopies may be ordered from [!userfiles/pdfs/2014%20Photocopy%20Order%20Form.pdf The Arkansas History Commission] or from [ FamilySearch photo duplication services]
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