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= '''Probate Records''' =
South Knapdale was under the probate jurisdiction of the Commissary Court of&nbsp;Argyll until 1823, and since then has been under the Sheriff's Court of Dunoon. Probate records for 1513- 1901 are indexed online at []. &nbsp;You must register on the website but use of the index to probate records, called 'Wills &amp; Testaments,' is free. You may then purchase a copy of the document or, if the document is before 1823, it will be on microfilm at the Family History Library. To find the microfilm numbers, search in the library [ -search catalog] for the 'Place-names' of&nbsp;Argyll and the subject of 'Probate records.' Then click on the link to the records of the Commissariat of Argyll.&nbsp; The library also has some post-1823 probate records for Argyll. Look in the library [ -search catalog] for the 'Place-names' of Argyll and the subjects of 'Probate Records' and 'Probate Records - Indexes.' <br>
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