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New Mexico Emigration and Immigration

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Camino Real
[[Portal:United States Emigration and Immigration|Portal:United States Emigration and Immigration ]]>[[New Mexico|New Mexico]]
The earliest non-Indian settlers of New Mexico were the 130 Hispanic families who came into the upper Rio Grande Valley in 1598on the [[Camino_Real_de_Tierra_Adentro|Camino Real de Tierra Adentro]]. At the time of the Pueblo revolt of 1680, the New Mexico Spanish population was about 2,500. By 1817, just before Mexican independence, the Spanish population of New Mexico had reached 27,000.
After the United States took control in 1848, immigrants from Mexico settled in the north central part of the state. In the 1900s there has been a heavy Hispanic emigration to other states, especially California.
*[*%2C0%2C0&titleno=1193924&disp=Manifests+of+alien+arrivals+at+Columbus++ Columbus, New Mexico, alphabetical manifests 1917-1954]
*see also [[Texas Emigration and Immigration#Mexican Border Crossing RecordsMexican_Border_Crossing_Records|Texas: El Paso, Fabens, Fort Hancock, Ysleta]]
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