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<br> There was no income tax in Canada till World War I. <br> == Income Tax ==
There was no Canadian income tax till World War I.  1916 - during WW I, the Business Profits War Tax Act imposed taxes on corporations.  1917 - during WW I, the Income War Tax Act imposed a 4% tax on income over $2,000 yearly for all single men; and for others on income over $3,000 but under $6,000. There was a graduated tax rate for those with incomes over $6,000. There were provisions for corporate taxes as well. <br>
See [ WarTime Canada] for more about taxation in Canada during this period and World War II. Includes sample historical tax forms.<br>
Provincial governments in Canada have imposed income tax on individuals and corporations, beginning in 1876 in British Columbia. <br>
Some municipal governments imposed income tax on individuals, for instance, from the 1850s in Ontario, but not after World War II.
This Wikipedia article, [ Taxation in Canada], includes a chart showing dates relating to provincial govermment personal income taxes
[ Library and Archives Canada] has many records relating to Canadian income tax, including correspondence, and the tax forms and files of some individuals in their personal papers.
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