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=== Online Center Contacts and Hours ===
The following have significant cemetery listings for Arkansas State'''Location Map: {{Note|Sites may be incomplete. <br>• They may not list all cemeteries in a county <br>• and may not include all burials in a cemetery.}}<br> '''
* Location Map[ Search for names] at Find A Grave. Enter at least a last name then click '''Search'''. Can narrow by first names or dates. **This site frequently has tombstone images. **[ List of cemeteries] in their database. ***1) Select the state, 2) pick a county, and 3) click '''Search.''' (There are too many cemeteries for a statewide list.) ****'''Tip''': To switch to a different county, click '''Cemetery Lookup''' under '''''Actions''''' at the left. ***When you have a list, click on the number below '''Interments''' for a cemetery to access names. Click '''Records''' arrow to scroll through to the end.
*[ ''Web'Address: Arkansas, Find A Grave Index, 1809-2012'']'
{{Tip| Remember*150 Pine Ave., Colorado Springs, CO 80906  '''Phone:<br>'''# *1 719-634-0572  '''E-mail:''' *  Schedule: *Tuesday Nov 11th, 2014 -- Closed due to inclement weather '''Open Hours:''' *Tuesday: 10:00am - 4:00pm *Wednesday: 1:00:pm - 9:00pm *Thursday:1:00pm - 9:00pm*Friday: 10:00am - 4:00pm* SNOW DAYS: If inclement weather should cause District 12 (Cheyenne Mountain) or District 11 (Colorado Springs) to close, the Family members may History Center will also close. On days when a 2-hour delay is called by either of those school districts, the morning shift of the FHC will be buried in the same plot or nearbyclosed (this applies to Tuesdays and Fridays only).# [[Arkansas Cemeteries#Value of Cemetery Records|Symbols '''Holiday Schedule:''' *Closed Mondays, Saturdays, and abbreviations]] may lead you to other recordsSunday.# Weathering *Closed on all major holidays: THANKSGIVING: We will be closed Wednesday evening, Nov 27th, all day on Thanksgiving Nov 28th, and damage to tombstones make [[Arkansas Cemeteries#Published Transcriptions|early published transcriptions]] pricelessall day on Friday Nov 29th. *Closed the last two weeks of December.}} <br>
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