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=== Brief History ===
The 51st Regiment, Virginia Infantry (Confederate)&nbsp; was formed in August, 1861, with eleven companies. Company L was later assigned to the 23rd Battalion. Its members were recruited in the counties of Wythe, Nelson, Bland, Floyd, and Grayson. During the war it started in General Floyd's and G.C. Wharton's Brigade.<br>Only a handful remained after the Battle of Waynesborough. The field officers were Colonels Augustus Forsberg and Gabriel C. Wharton; Lieutenant Colonels George A. Cunningham, James W. Massie, and John P. Wolfe; and Majors William T. Akers, Stephen M. Dickey, D.P. Graham, D.S. Hounshell, and William A. Yonce.&nbsp;<ref name="cwss">National Park Service, [http soldiers-and-sailors-database.htm The Civil War Soldiers and Sailors System], (accessed 6 November 2010).</ref>
=== Companies in this Regiment with the Counties of Origin ===
*[[Beginning United States Civil War Research|Beginning United States Civil War Research]] gives steps for finding information about a Civil War soldier or sailor. It covers the major records that should be used. Additional records are described in Virginia in the Civil War and United States Civil War, 1861 to 1865. <br>
*National Park Service, [http soldiers-and-sailors-database.htm The Civil War Soldiers and Sailors System], is searchable by soldier's name and state. It contains basic facts about soldiers on both sides of the Civil War, a list of regiments, descriptions of significant battles, sources of the information, and suggestions for where to find additional information. <br>
*[[Virginia in the Civil War|Virginia in the Civil War]] describes many Confederate and Union sources, specifically for Virginia, and how to find them.. These include compiled service records, pension records, rosters, cemetery records, Internet databases, published books, etc. <br>
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