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FamilySearch Wiki:EasyAccessSeries Wiki Support Fundamentals

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<br> Also provided is a link to volunteer opportunities available to all of the Research Wiki readers and a reference to how the wiki (Wikipedia) is governed by the community in conjunction with the wiki's current policies and guidelines.<br> <br> Finally, access to another hub ('''[[FamilySearch_Wiki:Support_Tool_Box|The Support Center]]''') provides information that pertains to the responsibilities and assignments of the support personnel.<br>
<div style="position:relative; width:270px; height:700px; float:left;"><div style="position:absolute; font-size:19px; top:0px; left:0px; width:270px; padding-left:10px; background-color:#f3eeff; color:black; border:5px double #d2bbff"><center><br>'''Build a Better Wiki'''<div style="font-size:11px;">
[[FamilySearch Wiki:Help wanted on the Wiki|Options for Volunteers]]<br>Use the [[FamilySearch Wiki:Content Submission Form|'''submit''']] form, if preferred<br>
'''Get involved in Team Projects'''<br>[[Help:Adopt-a-page|Adopt a page]]<br> [[Projects Seeking Contributors|Select an active project]]<br> [[FamilySearch Wiki:WikiProject|Suggest/build a project]]<br> [[Barn Raising on FamilySearch Wiki|Watch for “barn raising” projects]]<br>
</div><div style="font-size:12px;"><br>
Whether you like to be at the head of the parade twirling the baton or prefer to remain in the background building the floats,<br><br>[[:Help:Questions|'''all volunteers are welcome''']]<br>
[[FamilySearch WikiTemplate:Help wanted on the Wiki#HelpOpportunities|A sortable list of Volunteer Opportunities<br> can be found by clicking here]]
<div style="position:relative; width:270px; height:700px; float:right;"><div style="position:absolute; font-size:19px; top:-55px; float:right; width:270px; padding-left:10px; background-color:#f3eeff; color:black; border:5px double #d2bbff"><center><br>'''New and need help?'''<div style="font-size:11px;"><br>
'''Contacting others'''<br> [[Help:Discussion Pages (Talk Pages)|Use the “talk” pages]]<br>[[:Category:Contributors looking for help|Add a “Looking for help” template]]<br>[[FamilySearch Wiki:Mentors|Request a mentor]]<br> [[Help:Questions|Talk to a “live” person]]<br>[[FamilySearch Wiki:Content Submission Form|Submit a question to Support ]]<br>[[Help:Signatures|Remember to sign your name ]]<br>
'''Wiki basics'''<br>[[Help:How to Register with the Wiki|Register to use the wiki]]<br> [[Help:Preferences|Changing your preferences]]<br> [[Help:Tour|Take a tour]] <br> [[Help:Videos and lessons|Video lessons to get started]]<br>
'''Navigation basics'''<br>[[Help:Wiki Navigation Basics|Review the basics]] <br>[[Help:Wiki Basics|How to use the wiki]]<br>[[Help:Navigation|Navigating through the wiki]]<br> [[Help:Wiki Terminology|Some terminology to know]]<br>
'''Searching basics'''<br> [[Help:Basic Searches|How search works]]<br>[[Help:Search Tips|Search tips]]<br>[[Help:Boolean Searches in the Wiki|Advanced location searching]]<br> [[Help:Search for an article or topic|Search for article or topic]]
<br> </div>
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