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== [ Sales Force] ==
Our One of our main source of questions from the contributors and patrons of the FamilySearch Wiki come to us in [ Salesforce].
*Now we will go to [ Salesforce Link].
:After you sign in you can use the drop down under the FamilySearch icon to the upper left of the page to go into the Service Cloud Console Click the Icon. (if you are not already there). There are 8 options on the drop down we will only be covering the Cases. <br>
'''Go to the dropdown drop down just under the FamilySearch Icon and click. there There are 8 items in the drop down. We will click on the One names Cases. '''
::Just as an FYI the "Home" and "Chatter" pages are very similar. The home page has a few options on the left side. The "Dashboard" covers a study of the Customer Information. The "Training" page has a group of cases to train on but none so far is useful to us.
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