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:::D. Finally click save. <br>
==== '''Accept the Case''' ====
If this is a case for the Wiki Support team. Either answer the question and/or fix the problem.<br> ''We are now going to look at a case together. Then you each can go through a case.''
*Answering questions:  #In answering the question go to the page that the question is about. This may be an article or a help page or both. ''Study the question and the page to find an answer. Ask the Team or your mission partner for help.''
#You also have Knowledge documents on the right side that may be used to answer the questions and can be attached to the Email, however at present there are problems using this.
#You can correct the problem or answer the question yourself
#Finally go back to the case click reply. This brings up the reply email. Write to the patron answer their question using the URL. See below a letter form to use to create an answer to a patron.<br>
*Fixing the problem  
#Go to the page were they say there is a problem. Study the items and find a solution. Repair the page.
#Copy the URL.
#Finally go back to the case click on email. This brings up the reply email. Write to the patron letting them know about the repair using the URL.<br>
*There are those we can't solve but ask for help, the group may have a solution. If not still send a reply and let the patron know the situation.  
:*Some patrons do not give us all the information to solve or work on the problem. Send a reply asking the questions or request the information needed to answer the Question.
:*There are a few cases we can't ever figure out. Do your best but don't be hard on yourself, give the group a chance to help, then let go. <br>
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