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On this wiki, in the search field, type in the country you are interested in, then the words "movable feast days", followed by the year. For example, "Denmark Movable Feast Days 1712".  You will see a list of all of the feast days and their dates for that particular year.
If you do not see the feast day you need, it may have been a fixed feast day.  Type in the country, and then  the words "fixed feast days". Choose the first letter of the feast day and you will see a list of all fixed feast days starting with that letter.  --or-- Click on the links below.  [[ Denmark Moveable Feast Day Calendar]][[ Denmark Fixed and Moveable Feast Days]] [[ Norway Moveable Feast Day Calendar]][[ Norway Fixed and Moveable Feast Days]] [[ Sweden and Finland Moveable Feast Day Calendar]][[ Sweden and Finland Fixed and Moveable Feast Days]]
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