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Nevada, United States Genealogy

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:''This article is about a western state. For other uses, see [[Disambiguation|(disambituation)]].''
{{Nevada-sidebar}}<div style="width: 74%; float: right;"><center>{{TitleStyle1}}Welcome to , The Silver State{{/p}}</center>
[[Image:{{NVLakeTahoe shoreline}}]]{{NVDCleft}}<br><br>
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! valign="middle" bgcolor="003c70" align="center" colspanscope="2col" scopecolspan="col2" | <font color="#fcfaff">How to Find Your <br>Nevada Ancestor's</font>
| valign="middle" bgcolor="cdfcff" | '''1. [[How to Find Nevada Birth Records|Birth Information]]<br>2. [[How to Find Nevada Marriage Records|Marriage Information]]<br>3. [[How to Find Nevada Death Records|Death Information]]'''
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