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Oklahoma Vital Records

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Marriage bonds, affidavits, licenses, and certificates were kept by each county beginning about 1890 or when the county was created. Many marriages in the territorial era were not recorded, and some were recorded in county courthouses in Arkansas, Kansas, and Texas. '''Write to the appropriate county clerk for information.'''
'''Wiki articles describing online collectionss collections are found at:'''
*{{RecordSearch|1709399|Oklahoma, County Marriages, 1890-1995}}
*[[Oklahoma County Marriages (FamilySearch Historical Records)|Oklahoma County Marriages (FamilySearch Historical Records)]]
*[[Oklahoma Marriages (FamilySearch Historical Records)|Oklahoma Marriages (FamilySearch Historical Records)<br>]]
=== Divorce Records ===
Divorces were granted after 1907 by the district courts or the circuit court in each county.&nbsp;'''Write to the county clerk of the court for information.''' The Family History Library has records from some counties.
== Death Records ==
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