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'''[[Santa Cruz Public Library Downtown]]''' <br>224 Church Street<br>Santa Cruz, California 95060 <br>Telephone: 831-427-7707 ext.&nbsp;5794<br>E-mail: [ E-mail reference service] form<br>Internet:<br>
:Holds the Genealogial Society of Santa Cruz County's library, including the '''''[ Tina Brayton Collection]''''' which is equivalent to the ''[ [Draper Manuscript Collection]]&nbsp;'' but larger and with a better index, and many compiled genealogies of '''''North Carolina, Kentucky, Tennessee, Virginia''''', and '''''West Virginia&nbsp;''''' families.<ref name="DB85" /> <ref>[ The Tina Brayton Collection] in ''Genealogical Society of Santa Cruz County'' (accessed 3 January 2014).</ref><br><br>
=== Online Records ===
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