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Swem presentation
Held each month on the third Thursday at noon, these presentations are designed to be short (30-45 minutes)&nbsp;and narrowly-focused. They are less formal than a class, and meant to be interactive. Feel free to bring your lunch, and eat while you're learning!<br>
=== Thursday, December 17January 21, 2015 2016 - noon<br> ===
'''Not Your Grandma's Genealogy: FamilySearch Apps&nbsp;Family History Resources at the Swem Library'''
Learn how to use [ RelativeFinder] to discover your relationship to famous authors'''''Special Guest Jay Gaidmore, composersDirector of Special Collections, Prophets, and signers of the Declaration of Independence. See how easy it is to turn your twig of the FamilySearch Family Tree into a [ personalized Jeopardy! game]. See your [ geographic origins]. Great free apps for that holiday family gathering!<br> Swem Library<br> College of William and Mary'''''
=== Thursday, January 21, 2016 - noon ==='''Using the Resources of the Swem Library for Your Family History''' '''Special Guest Jay Gaidmore, Director of Special Collections, Swem Library<br>College of William and Mary''' Learn about the resources and collections available through the Swem Library to help you find ancestors as well as enrich your understanding of their times. &nbsp;Find out what you can access without being a W&amp;M student. or professor! &nbsp;
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