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:'''''Wilson Special Collections Library'''''<br>200 South Rd. Wilson Library Campus Box #3948<br>UNC Chapel Hill, NC 27515-8890<br>Telephone: 919-962-1172<br>Email:[] <br>Internet: [ Louis R. Wilson Special Collections Library]<br><br>
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::The Wilson Library is home to: the famed [ Southern Historical Collection] with strengths in plantations, slavery, the Civil War, Civil Rights, communities, family, race relations, and religious communities<ref>[ About the Southern Historical Coillection] in ''UNC Chapel Hill Libraries'' (accessed 11 February 2014).</ref>; the [ North Carolina Collection] of published works on North Carolina and its people and biographical index<ref>[ Family History and Genealogy Resources in the North Carolina Collection] in ''UNC Chapel Hill Libraries'' (accessed 11 February 2014).</ref>; the [ Rare Book Collection]; the [ Southern Folklife Collection]; the ''Manuscript Department&nbsp;'' collection of personal papers, letters, and diaries of early North Carolina residents; and the ''Map Department''.<ref name="DB85" />[[Image:UNC Davis Library.jpg|right|150px|UNC Davis Library.jpg]]<br><br>
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