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Magnus Sälgö Stockholm. Sweden. Interested I have a background working with IT (programming and design) and are also interested in genealogy. I am interested in taking part of and develop this Wiki with information about swedish genealogy - special parish information.....
We started to add valuable external resources at the wikitree but I feel the wikitree site is not used to develop pages using templates etc....So I am interested in see what we can dofamilysearch. I like what I have seen so far and maybe I can add value....
familysearch.  The project I started at Wikitree see [ project description] . Example of a category page for [ Asarum (K)]. In the long run I am interested in
=== '''Areas of Specialty''' ===
*Swedish Research
=== '''Languages''' ===
=== Website ===
Has been doing wiki at Wikitree but are interesting t to participate also on oat FamilySearch helping with Swedish parishes
*[ Wikitree]
editor, pagecreator


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