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Example of a category page for [ Asarum (K)] in Blekinge. The interesting concept is that we have 3 different levels
# One Sweden level Free Space page [ SPC_Header]# One county page ex. [ SPC-K]
# And the parish page [ Asarum (K)] that is a Category page
# I started to add boilerplates for all [ external sources] and also [ User stories]
Today we have just external links using templates in the on a parish page but and then we connect user profiles that belongs to this parish. '''Next step:'''
# Adding more templates to support external resources like
## [ Sveriges äldsta storskaliga kartor] -old maps example [ Strömsholm]
## Add Härads kartor from [ Kartrummet] ==> we should have Free space pages for Härads inkluded in a parish page
# Add more navigational boxes as Family Search has you have [ Template:Sweden]
# See if we can do something like the [ Infobox_Swedish_Parishes] approach you have
Has been doing wiki at Wikitree but are interesting to participate also oat FamilySearch helping with Swedish parishes
*[ Wikitree]* [ My Youtube channel]
=== E - Mail ===
Dont hesitate to contact me if you think I can add value and maybe we can have a webhangout....
*[ salgo60]
editor, pagecreator


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