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==Agenda Items==<br><br><b>Layout Change - Danielle Batson </b>*Sandbox explanation *Permanent link*Page Information*Tool Options change when moving from page to page*Citation Creation*Personal Tools moved to top right hand corner*Move option now at top right hand corner, click on little arrow to see drop down box*Edit is similar to old Rich Editor, Edit Source is a Wiki Text*Automatic Watch List unless you uncheck the box or change your Preferences<br><br><b>Visual Editor training Danielle Batson </b> - cannot use for editing Templates, Help Pages, Talk pages, etc.*Basics - Options at the top of the page (Do not use Heading 1 because it suppresses the title of the page)<br><br>
Visual Editor/ <b>Liquid Layout Change Training - Danielle Batson</b> Try creating a small box and placing it where you want it stay where you put it.*SEOs are a barrier to the reader, recommend experts who understand the reader perspective - Lise<br><br>
<b>Wiki Upgrade - Caleb Love</b>
*Fixed Items**Header was blocking the edit tabs on some pages**Wiki Content was not saving**Wiki announcement could not be dismissed**Upload file and other features were being hidden by the footer on short pages**Some wiki page titles were not appearing
Header was blocking the edit tabs *Known Issues**Country Pages**Hub Pages**Active Users page not working**Wiki emails not sending**Visual editor not working on some long pages**Search button on the main page isn’t there**Find a Family History Center Map isn’t working right now
Wiki Content was not saving*Please continue to give us feedback, include enough details that we can recreate the problem<br><br> Wiki announcement could not be dismissed<b>Community Q & A</b>*Further explanation of email and hub pages. Upload *PDF linking explanation - problem with the link going to the file page and other features were being hidden by there is a need to click on another link to see the footer document.*TOC - Suppressed on short Country pagesonly.  Some *Visual Editor Article - page titles were not appearing /en/Help:VisualEditor, Tables cannot be created or upgraded Known Issues  Country Pages  Hub Pages  Active Users page not working  *Wiki emails not sending  Visual editor not working on long pages  Search button on the main page isn’t there  Find a Family History Center Map isn’t working right now   Community Q & AText - extension
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