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Updated Third Thursday Brown Bag
Held each month on the third Thursday at noon, these presentations are designed to be short (30-45 minutes)&nbsp;and narrowly-focused. They are less formal than a class, and meant to be interactive. Feel free to bring your lunch, and eat while you're learning!<br>
=== Thursday, February 18April 21, 2016 - noon&nbsp; ===
'''''''Resources of the Tidewater Genealogical Society Library'''''Searching for Friends: Doing Family History with Quaker Records
'''''Special Guest &nbsp;Merle Kimball Spencer Wells, Doctoral Candidate in American History, College of the Tidewater Genealogical SocietyWilliam and Mary'''''
Learn about the resources available locaaly at the Tidewater Geneaoloical Society Library and about the special activities and trips they offer.= <br>'''RootsMagic User Group''' =
= <br>'''RootsMagic User Group'''<br> = We are testing a variety of meeting days/times to see what works best for the majority of our newly-formed group. For the time being, this group meets every other month on the third Thursday at 10:00 AM. <br>  === === === There is no Roots Magic group meeting in FebruaryApril. &nbsp;Plan on a special teleconference evening on March 23 at 7 pm. &nbsp; ===
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