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[[North Carolina State Archives]] {{·}} [ State Library of North Carolina] {{·}} [ University of North Carolina Library] {{·}} [ Duke University Perkins Library] {{·}} [[National Archives Southeast Region (Atlanta)]] {{·}} [[Library of Congress]]
=== North Carolina Online Records === {{Click|Image:NC_ORP.png|North Carolina Online Genealogy Records|left}}{{DCfollowup}}<br><br>  === National Archives Repositories ===
[[Image:NARA Atlanta.jpg|right|200px|NARA Atlanta.jpg]]'''[[National Archives at Atlanta]]''' <br>5780 Jonesboro Road<br>Morrow, Georgia 30260<br>Telephone: 770-968-2100<br>Fax: 770-968-2547<br>Email: []<br>Internet: <br><br>
:Use this library for its outstanding genealogical guides and indexes. They are part of the world's largest library including 50,000 genealogies, 100,000 local histories, and collections of manuscripts, microfilms, maps, newspapers, photographs, and published material, strong in North American, British Isles, and German sources. The "Local History and Genealogy Reading Room" has moved to the main reading room, but services are unchanged.<ref>[ The Collections] in ''Local History and Genealogy Reference Services'' in ''Library of Congress'' (accessed 2 February 2014).</ref> <ref name="DB29">Dollarhide and Bremer, 29.</ref><br><br>
=== State Archives Repositories ===
{{Adoption NCGenWeb}}'''[[North Carolina State Archives|North Carolina State Archives]]'''<br> 109 East Jones Street<br>(Mail to: 4610 Mail Service Center)<br>Raleigh, NC 27699-4610 <br>Telephone: 919-807-7310<br>Fax: 919-733-1354<br>E-mail: []<br>Internet:<br><br>
:Great collection of books, periodicals, and genealogies for North Carolina.<ref name="DB85" /> Their collection includes genealogy databases; digital: family Bibles, marriages, deaths, newspapers, and cemetery photos; genealogy guides; county records including wills, deeds, marriages, court minutes, tax lists, and probate records.<ref>[ Genealogy Research] in ''State Library of North Carolina '' (accessed 7 February 2014).</ref>
=== Regional Archives Repositories ===
[[Image:Univ of NC Louis Round Wilson Library.JPG|right|250px|Univ of NC Louis Round Wilson Library.JPG]]'''[[University of North Carolina Chapel Hill Libraries|University of North Carolina Chapel Hill Libraries]]'''<br><br>
:The collection of 18,000 items is primarily local and family history oriented including background materials on American, North Carolina and local history. Includes Internet genealogy databases.
=== Archives Repositories Outside North Carolina ===
[[Image:Chattanooga Public Library TN.jpg|right|250px|Chattanooga Public Library TN.jpg]]'''[[Chattanooga Public Library Downtown]]''' <br>1001 Broad Street<br>Chattanooga, Tennessee 37402<br>Telephone: 423-757-5317<br>E-mail: []<br> Internet: [ Local History and Genealogy Department]<br><br>
:Holds the Genealogial Society of Santa Cruz County's library, including the '''''[ Tina Brayton Collection]''''' which is equivalent to the ''[[Draper Manuscript Collection]]&nbsp;'' but larger and with a better index, and many compiled genealogies of '''''North Carolina, Kentucky, Tennessee, Virginia''''', and '''''West Virginia&nbsp;''''' families.<ref name="DB85" /> <ref>[ The Tina Brayton Collection] in ''Genealogical Society of Santa Cruz County'' (accessed 3 January 2014).</ref><br><br>
=== Online Records ===
{{Click|Image:NC_ORP.png|North Carolina Online Genealogy Records|left}}{{DCfollowup}}<br><br>
=== Guides ===
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