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=== Did you know? ===
=== Marriage Matters ===
That the marriage of Sinaitakala Ilangi Leka, Tu'i Tonga Fefine of Tongatapu, to the Fijian chief, Tapu'osi from the village of Vasivasi, Fiji ''shifted'' the political alliance from Samoa to Fiji. Sinaitakala Illangi Leka was the daughter of Uluakimata the 1st, also known as Tele'a, and his Ma'itaki wife [premier wife], Mataukipa, daughter of Kau'ulufonua Hua, Chief of Mataliku. &nbsp;Uluakimata the 1st was the 29th Tui Tonga [King] reigned in Tonga as King and is calculated to have started his reign about 1561.<ref>Gifford, Edward Winslow. Tongan Society, Bernice P. Bishop Museum, Bulletin 61, Bayard Dominick Expedition, Publication Number 16, Honolulu, Hawaii, Published by the Museum 1929, Kraus Reprint Co., New York, 1971.</ref><br>
=== Taxation Tongan Style. &nbsp;Taxation took three basic forms. ===
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