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Guide to '''Tonga ancestry, family history, and genealogy:''' birth records, marriage records, death records, census records, parish registers, and military records.
==Country Information==
Tonga is an island nation in the Pacific Ocean. It was a [[England Genealogy|British]] protectorate from 1900 to 1970. The official language is English.<ref>Wikipedia contributors, "Tonga," in ''Wikipedia: the Free Encyclopedia,'', accessed 20 April 2016.</ref>
==Getting Started ==
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<h3>Getting Started with Tonga Research</h3>
Links to articles on getting started with Tonga research.
*[[Pacific Island Guide to Family History Research|Pacific Island Guide]]
Tonga, unique among Pacific nations, never completely lost its indigenous governance. The archipelagos of | style="The Friendly Islands" were united into a Polynesian kingdom in 1845. Tonga became a constitutional monarchy in 1875 and a British protectorate in 1900vertical-align: top; it withdrew from the protectorate and joined the Commonwealth of Nations in 1970. Tonga remains the only monarchy in the Pacific.  === Getting started with Tonga research === Understanding the history of Tonga is critical. &nbsp;Click here to access [httpswidth:// guidelines] for doing Tongan research. &nbsp20%;When you are done, click on the upper padding-left hand arrow of the tool bar to return to this page.  === Jurisdictions === [[Image:Tonga.png|border|right|200px10px"|<h3>Tonga.png]]  (Your text or images here)  === Research Tools ===</h3>Links to articles and websites that assist in Tonga research.
*[ World Vital Records ]
*[ Roots Web Localities Tonga]
*[ German and Tonga government relationship]
*[ BYU Research Guide for Fiji, Samoa, Tahiti, Tonga]
=== Featured Content ===
*[[Pacific Island Guide to Family History Research|Pacific Island Guide]] to Family History Research
=== Did you know? ===
=== Taxation Tongan Style. &nbsp;Taxation took three basic forms. ===
1. '''&nbsp;Taxation by tribute''' was given twice a year. &nbsp;The first was the first fruit 'inasi ceremony that was a form of prayer to the gods for ample crops in the forthcoming season. &nbsp;The second 'inasi ceremony was a tribute where district chiefs occasionally determined the amount and kind of items demanded from their district landowners. &nbsp;At this second tribute offering, the choice of tribute was often left up to the individual. &nbsp;However, if the tribute was deemed lacking, that individual could find his or her property taken away. &nbsp;Therefore, the second 'inasi tribute ceremony was often termed a "gift of respect" and resulted in individual tax payment greater than was expected.
2. &nbsp;'''Taxation by corvee '''which means enforced labor. &nbsp;Major efforts were carried out through corvee and were essentially carried out on larger landholdings of important chiefs. &nbsp;At times, two or three times a week, laborers from inferior chief's entourage would work for other chiefs to plant and work the plantations such as for the Tu'i Kanokupolo.
3. &nbsp;'''Taxation by fono '''was a public meeting and compulsory. &nbsp;Decrees, advise, and warnings were issued at these meetings. &nbsp;Tribute might be in demanding food for special occassions such as feasts or burial ceremonies. &nbsp;A fono could also be used to organize and appoint work details. &nbsp;Chiefs seldom attended these fono events and sent their matapule advisors. &nbsp;Lesser chiefs would hold smaller fono meetings for their tenants. &nbsp;There was no give and take discussions at fonos. &nbsp;Essentially the work was accomplished by those under the rule of the lesser chiefs.<ref>Ferdon, Edwin N.Early Tonga As the Explorers Saw It 1616-1810, The University of Arizona Press, Tucson, Arizona.</ref>
=== Things you can do ===
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=== Reference[[File: ==Ask_the_Community_Button.png|link{{reflist}} Genealogy_Help_on_Facebook]]
<br> ==Tonga Clickable Map==Genealogy records are kept on the state level in Tonga. Click on a state below to go to the state Wiki article listing more information.
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==FamilySearch Resources==
Below are FamilySearch resources that can assist you in resourcing your family.
*[[Genealogy Help on Facebook|Facebook Communities]] - Facebook groups discussing genealogy research
*[ Learning Center] - Online genealogy courses
*[ Historical Records]
*[ Family History Center locator map]
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