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==== Pub Lib of Charlotte and Mecklenburg Co ====
[[Image:Publ Libr of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County.jpg|right|280px|Publ Libr of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County.jpg]]'''[[Public Library of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County]]'''<br>[ Robinson-Spangler Carolina Room]<br>310 North Tryon Street<br>Charlotte, NC 28202<br>Telephone: 704-416-0150<br>E-mail: [ Send an E-mail] form<br>Website: [ Main Library: Carolina Room]<br><br>
:Virtually a second state archives for the southern part of the state. Emphasis is on Germans, Highland Scots, and Scots-Irish immigrants to North Carolina. Many references to Quakers moving from Pennsylvania to North Carolina. This collection has good indexes, biographies, family folders, and genealogies.<ref name="DB85" /><br><br>
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