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{{Guideline}} Hello world. This is Elder Michael Helmantoler. I am serving in FS Developer Services with Gordon Clark as a software affiliate account managerFamilySearch Research Wiki provides '''user pages''' to facilitate communication among '''participants. We are building communities of application developers ''' Generally, you should avoid substantial content on many different information technology platforms. Our goals your user page that is unrelated to have 57 different ongoing projects to extend the FamilySearch platform to the worldResearch Wiki.<br>
{{Wikipedia[[FamilySearch Wiki:Purpose and Appropriate Topics#FamilySearch Wiki is not...|Wikipedia:User FamilySearch Research Wiki is not]] a general hosting service, so your user page is not a personal website. The user page}} is a great place to create a personal profile or introduction to yourself as a FamilySearch Research Wiki contributor, and pages in your user space should be used as part of your efforts to contribute to the project (a location to keep helpful hints, or what you last contributed). In addition, there is broad agreement that you may not include in your user space material that is likely to bring the project into disrepute. e.g. blatant advertisements or lengthy blogs are inappropriate.
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