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Surrey, England Genealogy

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*Free online [ Surrey family research history aids]. Cliff Webb's guides to civil registration, census, inhabitants lists, probate records, marriage licences, bishops' transcripts, hundreds, parishes, lay subsidies, IGI coverage, and much more. Courtesy: [ West Surrey Family History Society].
*[ Stuck in London: resources at the Society of Genealogists and elsewhere]. Free online Power Point slides by Else Churchill.
*An every-name index is available for [[Surrey Probate Records|Surrey wills ]]
*{{FHL|13010|author-id|disp=Cliff Webb, FSG,}} has indexed many genealogical records
*[ Ancestry] has digitised some Surrey parish registers
*[ Manorial Documents Register] for Surrey has been digitised
To view an excellent list of web sites and/or web pages for Surrey and many of its parishes, visit [].
*Surrey Resources and help pages on [ RootsChat Surrey Resources and help pages. (Free)].
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